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West Lutheran believes that access to and training with appropriate technology is vital for developing 21st century skills necesssary in post secondary education and careers of the future. Students must be adept at using technologies to do critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and multi-media research and sharing. With this belief, West Lutheran has implemented a 1:1 Technology Initiative.

Each student at West Lutheran has daily access to mobile technology in the classroom. Students are encouraged to bring his or her own device. If a student is unable to provide a device for classroom use, West Lutheran has Chromebooks available to students. 

High Speed WiFi connection is available throughout the school building and teachers integrate technology into the classroom through the Google Classroom and Moodle platforms. West Lutheran maintains its own digital communication system through Google.  School issued email accounts are provided for each student and are used by teachers and staff to communicate directly with students in a completely internal and secure communication system.  All students and families are asked to sign an acceptable use agreement prior to using our information/communication/technology system.  View this agreement here.